I created Atleto because I was always “a guy short” when trying to get my friends together to play sports.

I wanted to solve the problem I had by building a platform that allows others to find new friends, based on sport, skill level and location.

I envisioned building a community of passionate and compatible athletes – empowering them to play without restrictions; and to never again have to settle for a 2 on 3 basketball game. Atleto has the solution to complete your game across 50 sports.

I believe that sports are more fun when played together – and the friendships forged through sports is a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Naturally, the first place to start was on college campuses. I saw the need to engage students through sports, providing them with a tool to live a healthier and happier student life.

We are proud to collaborate with some of the finest schools in the country – Northeastern University, Stony Brook University, The College of New Jersey and Southern Connecticut State University.

It is our mission to connect as many people as possible through sports, building a diverse sports community that can inspire and motivate to #sporttogether.

Patrick Lundgren

We all have different stories but we share one main goal – connecting people through sports.

CEO, Founder

Patrick Lundgren

Sports is in my DNA

Sports is in my DNA – played tennis and soccer since I could walk. Have been Tournament Director for the Danish Golf Federation, Commentator for Eurosport and Partner both in a Brand Communication Agency and Advertising Company.

Michael Petrucelli

While Michael's diverse experiences range from Wall Street, Food to the Service industry, his passions include building sustainable businesses, long term relationships, playing golf and coaching others to reach their potential.
CTO, Founder

Ulrik Jonsen

Background from finance, retail and tech

Diverse background from finance, retail and tech but all with focus on taking an idea and transform it into sustainable business

Fran Fraschilla

I have spent my entire career on college campuses

I have spent my entire career on college campuses, first as an NCAA college basketball coach and, most recently, as a basketball broadcaster for ESPN. I have a passion for helping young people reach their dreams.
Brand manager, designer

Mark Christensen

Working with graphic design and branding for 25+ years

Besides working with graphic design and branding for 25+ years I have always enjoyed many different sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Boxing, Fitness, Standup Paddle, Badminton and Basketball.
Sales lead

Alex Hausler

Bringing people together through fitness, wellness and sports

Alex Hausler specializing in bringing people together through fitness, wellness and sports
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