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in early 2021 Atleto observed 195 students and the effects that the pandemic had on their overall well-being.

These were our findings

  • Difficulty in concentrating: 173/195 (89%)
  • Disruptions to sleep patterns: 168/195 (86%)
  • Decreased social interactions due to physical distancing: 167/195 (86%)
  • Increased concerns on academic performance: 159/195 (82%)

Among student stressors are

  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Bad eating habits
  • Drastic changes to environments
  • Lack of social relations

Atleto presents Beyond Sports

Beyond Sports is a campus community based wellness platform consisting of group self-care and wellness experiences.
Selfcare is multifaceted health behavior unique to each person, and includes nutrition, physical activity, interpersonal relations, spiritual growth, health responsibility, and stress management.


The content consist of educational videos, podcasts and monthly student guest speakers


And we promise new weekly content, content from up-to-date peer reviewed medical journals,
ability to interact with us and receive responses within 12-24 hours


By community we mean campus population, non-judgmental space as well as monthly wellness challenges

Tailormade content from Atleto

We promise to deliver interesting content under 4 different pillars
What you eat

With our cooking tutorials for students we can help you eat healthy and easy with a pinch of food facts, meal management and student recipe sharing

How you sleep

Don’t sleep in class, but when you sleep, sleep tight with sleep meditation, improvement of sleep techniques, help with managing your sleep deprivation so you can sleep on a cellular level

How you move

We’ll help you move more and better with weightlifting techniques, buddy walk and physical activity personolized to the location of the school

Food for the mind

Breathe. Take a break with our 5-minutes meditation sessions or fill your mind with our motivational mondays, possitive affirmations and tie it all together with our Self-care reflection journal