Atleto Dashboard for Rec. Departments


Turn big data into insights with no heavy lifting

Rec Administrators Tools

  • Real-time Data and Statistics for Enhanced Vertical Management
  • Complete Mirror of All APP Activity
  • Check In for classes and games
  • Security access for each Vertical
  • Payment structure
  • College Events & Wellness going Beyond Sports
  • Communicate directly to Students
  • High Level of Efficiency for Rec Administrators
    (reducing 40 hours of work to 4)
  • Better use of Team Administrators to Drive Engagement and Optimize Programs
  • Master Waivers

Atleto’s value proposition

“The 3 R’s of success”

Your platform will increase engagement, students ability to thrive, reduce stress and forge new friendships


Your Dashboard will provide all the “Big Data” optimizing your Staff, Equipment and Facilities based on your Students behavioral data. Your Team will sharpen their focus and drive results.


We appreciate the challenges Students have navigating through their college experience. Your Team will have all the Tools to create an enjoyable Student experience actively supporting their fitness to total wellness journey through graduation.


Your new Platform will enable you to maximize your return on investment and plan for your future growth. Our booking feature will provide clarity for Students when “Open Rec” spaces are available.

Resources + Retention = Revenue

More features. More benefits.

On top of all that, get notifications about classes, programs and events and chat directly with instructors, coaches or the Rec. Department.

The Stony Brook University Recreation and Wellness Center has benefited from using Atleto because of how accessible the app is. With a quick swipe our students can instantly sign up for a fitness class right from their phones. This feature has made our members much happier and we could not be more thrilled!

Laura Fitzgerald, MSAssistant Director of Fitness & Wellness Stony Brook University

I think that me and my friends will benefit from using Atleto because we can plan out our games so that we have an even amount of players so the teams are balanced and no one has to sit and wait for the game to end.

Justin ZaagerSenior, Stony Brook

At Stony Brook, our extracurricular, club, and team sports are managed by several different systems (IMleague, Fusion etc...), each of which are confusing and laughably inefficient in their own right. It’s made even more confusing when we are forced to use all systems at once. Therefore, sports clubs, fitness classes, and intramural competition becomes needlessly frustrating to engage with, and even worse, much harder to discover. ATLETO will help my campus,
because it is an organized system that combines ALL sports and athletic needs of a university campus, into one platform. On top of that, it has functionality beyond organized campus sports. I can use Atleto as a social platform to informally engage with students around campus, which
encourages me to use it even more.

Will DelisiJunior, Stony Brook

The ATLETO app not only allows our campus recreation program to organize, market, and assess our events and classes but also provides a unique avenue for our campus community to create and grow a network around their recreation and wellness activities.

Rob SimelsDirector of Recreations, TCNJ

Atleto is the new sport social platform “it”. It finds ways to keep you active by connecting you to other sport enthusiast. The entire team at Atleto, starting with its CEO/Founder Patrick Lundgren are committed on making this App the best of the best. They listen and take ideas that you present them and keep surprising you by enhancing the App functionality.

Omar RouhanaAss. Director at Northeastern

Atleto offers colleges an outstanding platform for its students to connect, play sports and make new friends; it gets students out of the dormitories! I wish something like this was available for me when I was a college student.

John FrewAlum Hofstra University

You got a great product and concept, that can potentially change our industry! Atleto is a truly innovative program to help better connect our students, faculty and staff. Through basic social connections for sports and activities, anyone can easily access groups, friends, and new friends to get together and enjoy their favorite activities. In today’s higher educational environment, this is one of the best ways that students can integrate technology into their own wellness development. To make it even better, the customer service provided by Atleto is unmatched. They are immediately available and responsive to us and have worked with us to create something unique for our campus.

Jay SouzaDirector Recreation and Wellness USF

Atleto is great because it allows me to plug in with other students who have the same sports interests as me. It makes meeting up with other people so much easier.

Karina VelosoSophomore, TCNJ